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Ed Sol was born & raised in Mexico. He is a bladesmith & blacksmith based out of Whiteland, IN.

Ed was inspired by the urban environment & the drastic contrast with the natural world. Ed was drawn to work with his hands. When he was young, he enjoyed drawing and building things and as he got older, he delved into the realm of food. His love of knives grew as he learned more about kitchen cutlery. What makes each blade ideal for each task, as well as the materials that made those blades excel.

Nearly every day, Ed is in the shop, dreaming and creating. He believes that this is the kind of work that should be shared with anyone who is willing to learn and is striving to be a resource for those who want enter the world of blacksmithing & bladesmithing. His goal is to be the best bladesmithing he can be, and is constantly pushing the limits of what he has capable of.

Ed won first place in the edged category for the 2021 Indiana Blacksmithing Association. He is currently working to get his Journeyman smith in 2022 from the American Bladesmith Society. Most recently, Ed has been a Finalist on Season 9 Episode 8, of Forged in Fire.

Grinding a handmade heirloom knife.
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