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My interest in blacksmithing began in 2016. Dissatisfied with the quality of chisels I used for woodworking, I decided it would be better to make my own. Through perseverance, I trained myself to be a blacksmith.


Additionally, I work in leather making, construction, and woodworking. I own and operate my own shop in Whiteland, Indiana where I spend my days honing my craft.

Nearly every day, I'm in the shop dreaming and creating. I believe that this is the kind of work that should be shared with anyone who is willing to learn, and I am striving to be a resource for those who want enter the world of blacksmithing and bladesmithing. My goal is to be the best bladesmith I can be, so I am constantly pushing the limits. I won first place in the edged category for the 2021 Indiana Blacksmithing Association and I'm currently working to get my Journeyman Smith in 2022 from the American Bladesmith Society.


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