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Piranha 2.0- Stabilized Natural Curly Maple

Piranha 2.0- Stabilized Natural Curly Maple

The new and Redisgned Piranha is Here!


It is made with premium stabilized curly maple wood for the handle. AEBL stainless steel, renowned for its exceptional hardness and corrosion resistance, ensures lasting performance and a razor-sharp edge that effortlessly glides through anything. Experience the fusion of form and function, where every curve and contour is thoughtfully crafted to enhance both aesthetics and performance.


Discover the rugged charm of stone-washed knife finishes. Through a meticulous tumbling process, blades gain a textured surface, enhancing durability and minimizing scratches. This technique imbues knives with a weathered elegance, evoking a sense of adventure and sophistication for a truly unique cutting experience.


Over all length: 6 inches

Blade: 3 inches

AEB-L Stainless Steel 

Comes with a Leather Sheath

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