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The Brew-Bar is a mini pry bar made from extremely tough grade 5 titanium, measuring 3.5" that packs a punch!


For it's size the Brew-Bar punches above it's weight!

Equipped with:

-Built in bottle opener

-Flat head screwdriver

-Key Chain

-Knuckle Duster

-Flat head is also meant for prying


Comes in 4 finishes:




Gold/Bronze Anodize

Blue-Purple Anodize


So, the story behind the Brew-Bar:


I have a traditional rectangular pry bar. It is big, bulky & expensive. I thought I could do better. I kept drawing things and nothing really jumped out at me. One evening I am daydreaming about pry bars while cooking dinner. When all of a sudden I hear s huge bang from J's room. Immediately followed by J shrieking in agony. I run into his room. He has a huge cash on his head & blood is coming out of it.


I think I am going to faint from the gore. I tell for Lea to get in the Van. It is an emergency. I grab J & some paper towels to stop the bleeding. J is loosing it, I am loosing it. I need to be strong. I need to get him to Prompt med so they can x ray his head & stitch him up.


I don't think I can hold it together. What was I think about earlier? Pry bars! So the whole time I am holding J's hand in one hand, driving with the other. Doing my best to keep him calm & telling him he is going to be Ok, while thinking about Pry bars to keep myself together & calm during the whole ordeal.


It is round, because he hit his head, skinny because J is skinny, small because he is my little guy. I put the key chain tab where I did, because J was always looking down & sad through the whole thing & this way the Brew-bar does too.

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