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Grumpy Grunt's  Able-3

Grumpy Grunt's Able-3


Grumpy Grunt is a talented Youtuber & avid knife enthusiast who has been using knives for decades. This is his first knife design that I helped bring to reality.


AEBL stainless steel is a high-performance steel that is known for its corrosion resistance and toughness. It is a popular choice among knife makers because it holds an edge well and is relatively easy to work with. Grumpy Grunt chose this particular steel for its excellent combination of properties, which make it ideal for use in a knife that is intended to last a lifetime.


This knife is a thing of beauty. Its blade is crafted from a single piece of AEBL stainless steel that has been carefully shaped and honed to perfection. The blade has a subtle curve to it that gives it a sleek and elegant look and the "hump" gives you a perfect purhcase for your thumb.


The handle of the knife is made from a beautiful piece of corrian. Once purchased you will be given a variety of options to choose from.


One of the most striking things about this knife is its attention to detail. Grumpy Grunt has spent countless hours perfecting every aspect of the design, from the shape of the blade to the finish on the handle. He has even gone so far as to incorporate a small, subtle groove into the handle, which adds an extra level of grip and control when using the knife.


But what really sets this knife apart is the fact that it is a handmade piece. Every aspect of the knife has been crafted by me with Grumpy Grunt's approval, from the shaping of the blade to the finishing of the handle. This means that no two knives are exactly alike, and each one is a unique work of art in its own right.

Of course, a handmade knife like this is not just a thing of beauty – it is also an incredibly functional tool. Its fine edge and razor-sharp serrations make it easy to cut through even the toughest materials, while its ergonomic handle ensures that you can use it for extended periods of time without experiencing any discomfort.


In conclusion, Grumpy Grunt's handmade knife made from AEBL stainless steel is a true work of art. Its elegant design, attention to detail, and superior functionality make it a must-have for any serious chef or knife enthusiast.


This knife comes with a custom fit Kydex or leather sheath

Target Hardness will be 61.5 HRC

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